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Takanobu Aone
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[Mihashi wins!!! But at what cost]

its fine
where can i find you?
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im not busy right now so i can drop something off right away
if thats ok
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i will be there soon

[He'll go ahead and box up one of the cakes, still feeling a little foolish for making a mistake like this. Once that's ready, he's up and out of the house, jogging out to the address listed by this 'Aone' person.]
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[Oh no

he fucked up.

Miashi simply stands there, frozen to the spot and tightly clutching the box in his hands for a good, few, l o n g, seconds. This is who he was texting? Oh god, why]

H-... [He's trying to spit out a 'here', but it's not working. So, instead, he slowly and stiffly raises up the box, holding it between the two of them almost like a peace offering. Please don't... look so angry with him?]
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[But 'scared' is the only way he knows how to be!!]

Y-you're... welcome.

[Hey, he got out a full sentence for once! It probably actually helps that Aone isn't being quite as horribly intimidating as he was before. Still really scary, and that memory of their first encounter is lingering in the back of his mind, but it's... not nearly the same level of sheer terror.]
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[This is just how he is okay. Don't hate.

That... comment feels a little out of place, actually. What with the fact that he didn't actually apologize just now or anything like that. He actually peeks back up to Aone - Ah! He was talking about the cakes, wasn't he? They're okay? Okay. That's... good.]

Y-yeah. They're - ...tasty.

[He had mentioned as much in the first message. Please enjoy them and don't make it look like you're so angry with him??]
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[Oh, he's going to try it right away?

The verdict comes as a tiny bit of a surprise. He wasn't expecting for him to say... anything, really.]

Y-yeah...! [He had eaten at least a couple of them already. Very good.] I'm, um, glad you like it. [Not like he had any hand in making them, or anything.]

I can - go now. [And let this guy eat in peace.]
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[You are, at least, getting a small, shy, and hasty wave out of Mihashi before he retreats this time.

Progress? Well done, you two.]