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[The start of school means the start of regular afterschool practices again, and the start of seeing people around Altaciere again. Some are easier to spot than others. Datekou's ace should be the easiest to spot, and Daichi sees him at school, but then... not practice. And not around the sports center very much, either.

That's weird.

It's not exactly hard to find out where the huge, quiet volleyball player lives, so Daichi ducks out of practice early--wouldn't want to interrupt a family dinner or anything--and ends up on the porch of 1435.

Knock knock.]
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[That stare is even more intimidating when it's directed at Daichi, but he's not as cowardly as Asahi so it doesn't phase Daichi.]

Aone-kun. I haven't seen you at practice lately. Is everything all right?
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[Daichi's going to interpret that nod as a signal that things are fine, so that's not why he's been absent. It's a good start, anyway. Daichi's hands go to his hips and he tilts his head. His voice is kind when he speaks; Aone's been on his own here for a really long time, and that's brutally unfair.]

Don't apologize. I know you're the only member of Datekou here and that's got to be hard, but I would've thought Hinata would've told you, you're always welcome at our practices.

[And, a little more provocatively.] You wouldn't want to have Moniwa-san get here and see you haven't been going to practice, would you?

[When in doubt, invoke the absent captain.]
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[Ouch. That's worse than he meant to make him feel... maybe. Daichi's not a professional at reading what the Datekou ace is feeling but he can see that he feels bad about skipping out. That's a start, at least.

The bow is a surprise, though. He scratches at the back of his neck a little, then nods.]

It's a good arrangement for everybody. You'll get to practice with a pretty full team, and we'll get the benefit of you playing against you as a defender. Plus sometimes we all get food or something after. You'd be welcome to come to that as well.

[It's a careful offer but a serious one. Come on, Aone. Bond with your fellow volleys.]
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[Maybe Hinata will be able to help. If not, well. They'll figure something out.]

Good! And, you know... if there's anything else we can do, since you're here without your team, just ask.

You can text if it's easier.

[Daichi has no idea if it's easier but he knows nobody should be alone here. Akaashi's self-sufficient and Kenma's bonded pretty well with Hinata but he thinks Aone might need some shepherding.]
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[And Daichi definitely sees it. That answers that question, then.]

All right. I'll look forward to seeing you there, then, and if you need anything, really. Just text me, all right?

[He can't really tell if Aone's just not good with words or if he's stubborn or... what his deal is, really, but he'll keep pushing until he gets results. That's Daichi's way.]