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[That stare is even more intimidating when it's directed at Daichi, but he's not as cowardly as Asahi so it doesn't phase Daichi.]

Aone-kun. I haven't seen you at practice lately. Is everything all right?
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[Daichi's going to interpret that nod as a signal that things are fine, so that's not why he's been absent. It's a good start, anyway. Daichi's hands go to his hips and he tilts his head. His voice is kind when he speaks; Aone's been on his own here for a really long time, and that's brutally unfair.]

Don't apologize. I know you're the only member of Datekou here and that's got to be hard, but I would've thought Hinata would've told you, you're always welcome at our practices.

[And, a little more provocatively.] You wouldn't want to have Moniwa-san get here and see you haven't been going to practice, would you?

[When in doubt, invoke the absent captain.]
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[Ouch. That's worse than he meant to make him feel... maybe. Daichi's not a professional at reading what the Datekou ace is feeling but he can see that he feels bad about skipping out. That's a start, at least.

The bow is a surprise, though. He scratches at the back of his neck a little, then nods.]

It's a good arrangement for everybody. You'll get to practice with a pretty full team, and we'll get the benefit of you playing against you as a defender. Plus sometimes we all get food or something after. You'd be welcome to come to that as well.

[It's a careful offer but a serious one. Come on, Aone. Bond with your fellow volleys.]
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[Maybe Hinata will be able to help. If not, well. They'll figure something out.]

Good! And, you know... if there's anything else we can do, since you're here without your team, just ask.

You can text if it's easier.

[Daichi has no idea if it's easier but he knows nobody should be alone here. Akaashi's self-sufficient and Kenma's bonded pretty well with Hinata but he thinks Aone might need some shepherding.]
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[And Daichi definitely sees it. That answers that question, then.]

All right. I'll look forward to seeing you there, then, and if you need anything, really. Just text me, all right?

[He can't really tell if Aone's just not good with words or if he's stubborn or... what his deal is, really, but he'll keep pushing until he gets results. That's Daichi's way.]