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Name: Frika
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Over 18? Very much so yes
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Name | Alias: Takanobu Aone
Journal: [personal profile] ironwall
Age: 17
Canon: Haikyuu!!
Canon point: Just after being defeated at the Spring Tournament.
History: The wiki for Aone is very sparse, but there is not a lot of history on him to begin with, so that is probably the reason for it.

The first thing we know about Aone is that he is a middle blocker on the Date Tech High volleyball team and has been for over a year now. In his first year, Dateko went up against Karasuno during the preliminaries of a competition and Aone (with his teammates) blocked Karasuno’s ace, Asahi, so thoroughly that he gave up on volleyball for a while.

Fast forward to the current story and Aone is a second year at Dateko who locks onto Asahi again and promises to not let any of his spikes get through this time either. The match between Dateko and Karasuno is brutal, especially since Aone quickly picks up on Hinata’s movements and is able to start blocking some of his ridiculous quicks, but eventually Karasuno wins against Dateko, effectively booting Aone’s team out of the running for the Interhigh championship.

As the teams part ways, Aone confronts Hinata and makes it well known that he will be defeating Karasuno the next time they face each other and striking up an unlikely friendship in the process.

After the Interhigh comes the Spring Tournament, during which Aone manages to catch part of one of Karasuno's games. He hangs back to inform Hinata that he is going to defeat him - and he is seen during the game at one point chastising his teammates for taking Hinata lightly.

During the game against Aoba Josai, Dateko makes a valiant effort to defeat the powerhouse team. However, their inexperienced setter proves to be their downfall. Aone is shown to be very supportive of his underclassman and seems certain that their setter will become better in years to come. He is understandably upset, but he leaves the Spring Tournament with high hopes that his team will go farther next year.

Personality: It is very easy to make the mistake of thinking that Aone only has one very boring facet to his personality. He is the sort of person who has a hard time expressing himself at all, partly because his face is eternally stuck in a very gruff expression and he is not a very wordy person. Everything about him screams ‘stoic’ and ‘large terrifying bear’, seeing as he is extremely tall, muscular, and long of limb. And this is something that Aone is more than happy to play up to when he is on the volleyball court, because intimidating your opponents is a very easy way to secure victory for your team.

Outside of volleyball, though, Aone is still very intimidating to all of the people around him because of his quiet nature. He finds it difficult to actually try and interact with other people, and so he just remains silent instead of making an idiot of himself. Even his teammates are shocked every time they hear him speaking and a large number of them can read his very minute changes in facial expression in order to figure out when they need to hold him back or when he is upset about something.

Aone also has a mind that is very single task oriented. Once he fixates on something, there is no pulling him away from it until he finally accomplishes the goal that he has set out for. This is easily illustrated by the way he latches onto an opposing team’s ace and continues to hound them until he has blocked them entirely from getting any points for their team. He will even go so far as to lock on to an ace before the match even starts, further intimidating them before they can even reach the volleyball court. It makes him a very stubborn person as well as someone who can do anything he sets his mind to and puts the effort into.

It should be noted, though, that even though he looks and acts intimidating, Aone is very sad about the fact that he has such a hard time getting along with people and making friends. His biggest concern is the fact that no one will sit next to him on the bus and he wishes that he could actually spend time with people and not immediately scare them away.

Abilities and Nerfs: Aone has no actually supernatural abilities. All of his abilities are strictly normal for a human being to have. He is strong, tall, fast, and very good at reading a person’s movements at a moment’s notice. His most prominent skill is quick read blocking. That means that he will watch the spikers on the opposing team until he is sure which one is jumping to hit the ball and then jump himself to block their shot. And he is surprisingly good at it and very able to change directions and jump somewhere else readily and with ease.
Inventory: Aone would be wearing his '1' Dateko jersey and would have his duffel bag on his shoulder, containing shoes, a change of clothes, and a water bottle.
Appearance: Here he is
Five Desires:
+ A day without being feared
+ A nicer face
+ The ability to speak freely
+ Less crippling social awkwardness
+ Close friends
A thread from Holly Heights for my first sample.

And the second:

Taking a thorough look over his surroundings had become an almost subconscious habit for Aone over the years. He spent so much time practicing his read blocking that it translated into his everyday life and he could often point out everything in a room that he had just been in. Of course, no one ever asked him to, but he was always very aware of what was going on around him, which made it nearly impossible for anything to catch him off guard.

Which was why it was such a huge and terrible shock for him to suddenly find himself in a yard he did not know, surrounded by houses he did not recognize. Everywhere he looked, he only found more things that were bafflingly unfamiliar, and with each passing moment he grew more and more irritated by it so that a dark cloud seemed to be looming over his entire face as he turned to face the street.

It wasn’t even that he was THAT irritated. It was just all very confusing. How did he get here? Where was here? And how was he going to find out the answers to any of these questions when he was fairly certain he had just seen a few people running away from him and his dark expression as fast as they could??

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